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Corporate culture

Tianhe upholds the concept of honesty, respect for customers, innovation, harmony and win-win. During the process of innovation and breakthrough, we meet the environmental protection needs of the community unceasingly. We adhere to the goal of world-class enterprise, the motto of union, pragmatism, diligence, and aggressiveness. We stick to the tenet of more value for clients, more opportunities for staff, more benefits for society, and care for employees’ life and health as safety concept.

Technology-driven. Tianhe unceasingly adheres to scientific and technological innovation, and actively build technological advantages, in order to improve independent research and application capabilities, with the principle of "to be stronger, more excellent and unique". We have the core technology with independent intellectual property rights, which reaches the international advanced level, and we have improved the ability of quick reaction to orders and quality control.

Union and aggressiveness. Tianhe’s managers are optimistic, honest, open, aggressive, hard-work, and confident. They are willing to communicate with and respect for employees, to inspire their creativity in the atmosphere of intimacy, friendliness and mutual trust.

Emphasis on individual value. Tianhe advocated “service-oriented " principle. All aspects of the company must be involved directly or indirectly in the sale. All staff, from general manager to workers, are trained strictly, to ensure they are connected with clients directly or indirectly, and establish the environment of sale-center and user-driven. Tianhe vitally concerned about individual value, and adopts both economic rewards and mental stimulation for employees’ development and self-realization.

Leading enterprise. Tianhe is committed to operating changes and management innovation. The ultimate goal is to make our enterprise internal management, assessment and performance improvements to meet the requirements of market competition in domestic, then we can achieve sustainable development in fierce competition, as well as harmony with nature and science. With its every efforts, Tianhe strives for industry leader and contributes for China’s environmental-protection work.